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Under the fight against the epidemic: the first choice for takeaways around the world!

According to a report by "Korea Economy" on January 24, a British insurance company used Google's big data to create a "global takeaway map." On this map, pizza has become the most popular and most ordered takeaway food in the world in 2020; Chinese food is second only to pizza, and it has become the number one food in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries; sushi; sushi Ranked third.

So what do people from all over the world like to eat the most? After analyzing the search data, it is found that Europeans generally like to eat pizza, the "fighting nation" Russia prefers kebabs, the United States and Mexico, regardless of family, love to eat Chinese food, Canadians’ takeaway soul is fish and chips, while Brazilian takeaways The most surprising, they love sushi the most.

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